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Even if you run a physics lab or boast several PhDs, your romantic notions remain simplistically sweet. No dummies make it past a first date with picky Virgo — not even the hot ones! Bookish Virgos can be introverts, and many of you are reluctant to spill your secrets, which makes it hard for people to get close to you.

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Or, you may dump out all your baggage right away, assuming that the other person can already see all your so-called flaws. Both of these extreme attitudes can prevent you from forming lasting relationships. Like a Virgin, you need to be wooed and courted. Flings bore you, and you rarely indulge in them or they end up turning into long-term relationships despite your intentions.

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You choose with your head before your heart. Although it can be easier to give and receive, relationships are a two-way street.

Aim for mutuality and respect, a true balance of give and take. Get the Horoscope Guide! Love Horoscope: Virgo.

Your Zodiac Characteristics. Your Ascendant and its meaning. You can finally close doors to the past today.

Old unfinished business is finally settled for good and you can breathe a sign of relief and close the gap between your past and your present. Listen to the advice of those who love and care about you.

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It is important that you keep calm today because misunderstandings could occur in your personal life that could cause tensions within your relationship. Conditions are ideal for new beginnings at work today! Your ideas are being realised and you will have many a chance to push forward with your plans.

Virgo Daily / Today’s Love and Relationships Horoscope

Work slowly and methodically and set a firm foundation for your future development. Aim high and take a long term view. Your existing expenses are still high. Read also: Virgo yearly horoscope Virgo weekly horoscope Virgo monthly horoscope For a more in depth astrological analysis, check your Personal Horoscope.

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