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In this astrological system you can discover far, far more about your path in life than was previously possible.

Animal spirits, past lives, karmic balancing, and subconscious profiling all have a role along with forecasting the future and finding compatibility in Primal Astrology. All you need is a birth chart available here if you don't have one already and we can get started finding out your path and your purpose for this lifetime.

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I'm sure there are many, many questions to be answered. I suggest starting by finding your Animal Spirit among the Primal Zodiac signs.

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In astronomy it is simply used as a coordinate system, to mark the positions of celestial bodies. In astrology and the horoscope, though, the zodiac signs have their own meanings. They correspond to the same number of constellations of stars in the sky, but the latter are not equally wide. In astrology and the horoscope, each zodiac sign represents a character, a tendency, which affects any celestial body therein.

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Though Gemini seems unpredictable, Taurus can learn to understand that although Gemini may flirt, the relationship is still important to them. Taurus tends to focus on one thing, person, idea at a time, while Gemini moves from one thing or person to the next according to impulse. The security the two can give each other once Taurus allows Gemini to offer that security freely. As long as both partners communicate with each other, theirs will be a stable and happy relationship.

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