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These people are determined, patient and possess more endurance than most. He or she has a pleasant personality and tends to be affectionate. Appearance and Mannerisms — Taurus ascending usually gives a solid, strong body. The Taurus rising individual is likely to be plump in the torso area and may be prone to weight gain due to their tendency to overindulge. The neck is usually short and thick and the shoulders are wide and square.

Aries Rising/Ascendant: Characteristics, Personality, Traits

The nostrils may also be flared, especially when this person is angry. Gemini When Gemini is ascending in a birth chart, the person tends to have a quick, alert mind. Communication is important to this person and he or she may be extremely talkative. The Gemini rising individual tends to be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none; this is due in part to the natural curiosity of this rising sign individual.

Ascendant in Aries Woman

He or she is usually charming and witty and enjoys interacting with people. Appearance and Mannerisms — Due to an abundance of nervous energy and the inability to sit still, the Gemini rising person is usually slender and rarely has weight issues unless there is an abundance of Cancer or Taurus planets in the birth chart. The Gemini rising person usually walks quickly with a spring in his or her step. He or she may also gesture frequently with the hands when talking. He or she is defensive and usually retreats at the first sign of rejection. The Cancer rising individual is family-oriented and may be a homebody.

Possessive and clingy, this person has a tendency to hold on too tightly to loved ones and to the past. His or her demeanor is typically shy and subdued. Appearance and Mannerisms — The most noticeable feature of the Cancer rising person is the round, moon-shaped face.

Aries Rising Sign - Personality Traits of Aries Ascendant | 12 Ascendants

People who have Cancer rising also have a tendency to put on weight, especially in the hip area. The legs tend to be short and stocky. The Cancer rising female tends to be nicely curved and voluptuous, even when she is not overweight. Leo The Leo rising individual usually has a sunny disposition and a strong character. These people possess a magnetic personality and are usually quite popular as a result.

Your Descendant is Libra, Your Ascendant is in Aries

He or she tends to be demonstrative and generous, as well as somewhat loud and ostentatious. This person likes to be the center of attention and is usually the life of the party. These people also tend to have large heads and prominent facial features.

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He or she has a regal disposition that demands respect and attention. The Leo rising individual has exaggerated, dramatic mannerisms. Virgo The person who has Virgo rising is usually self-critical and critical of others. Often these people suffer from feelings of inferiority and tend to be too hard on themselves. The Virgo ascendant person is typically conservative, tactful and modest. These people have perfectionist tendencies and may worry too much over minute details, failing to see the big picture.

The Virgo rising individual is inclined to tell it like it is, rather than beat around the bush. Appearance and Mannerisms — The facial features of the Virgo ascendant individual are typically small and well-shaped and the complexion tends to be fair and smooth. Like the Gemini rising individual, the person who has Virgo rising may have an abundance of nervous energy and tends to be high-strung. The walk is graceful and smooth.

Aries Ascendant Astrology - Love, Relationships, Career, Marriage Prediction

This person is usually well-groomed and presentable. Libra The Libra rising individual has a strong need to maintain balance and harmony. Libra rising people are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and are unable to function properly when faced with upheaval or discord. He or she is courteous, pleasant and agreeable and makes friends easily.

The Libra rising person has a love for the good life and tends to have expensive tastes.

Appearance and Mannerisms — The influence of Venus usually bestows beauty and grace on the Libra rising individual. This person tends to have nicely-shaped facial features and the body is usually well-formed. The Libra rising individual does have a tendency to put on weight during middle age, however. His or her mannerisms tend to be graceful and proper. Scorpio When Scorpio is on the ascendant, the person tends to be powerful, secretive and intense. These people are suspicious of others and rarely open up until he or she is sure that the other person can be trusted. The Scorpio ascendant individual is usually successful at achieving goals because he or she is extremely focused and determined. Appearance and Mannerisms — The most noticeable characteristic of the Scorpio rising individual are his or her large, penetrating eyes. The facial features are sharp and the skin may be oily or have a sallow appearance. The body is usually muscular, strong and thickset. This person rarely shows emotion and tends to have immobile facial expression. Sagittarius The Sagittarius rising person enjoys being around people, however, he or she has a strong need for freedom and independence.

This person likes to travel and is always looking for a new adventure. He or she tends to make friends easily and has a cheerful, witty disposition. The person who has Sagittarius rising is impatient, impulsive and changeable. Candid honesty is also a common trait of the Sagittarius rising individual.

Appearance and Mannerisms — The face tends to be round with a broad smile. The Sagittarius rising person has a tendency to be clumsy and may lack grace. He or she has grand gestures and the mannerisms may be exaggerated. Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, he achieves great successes in his field. If he has his own business, he does not just manage it, but also constantly develops, striving to stand out against the competition. Sometimes he makes mistakes because of his inability to plan activities in advance.

However, he is able to quickly find a way out of any difficult situation. Life for him is a game in which he must win and get the main prize. In a relationship with a woman, a man-Aries shows himself as a conqueror. He is capable of gallant courtship, care and expensive gifts.

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He extols his woman and wants her to become his muse. Often, his chosen one becomes a motivator for achieving further goals and desires. To understand what the ascendant shows in Aries, a man can, if you become closer to his external features. A real daredevil and a figure who does not sit still for a second. An energetic and strong-willed man who knows what he needs to take from life and women.


He inspires the actions of not only himself, but others, demanding attention and respect. He does not care who cares for the lady he likes, because all the same it will only be his. A powerful and to the limit self-assured man, who goes ahead to his goal. In love, he manifests himself as a brave and noble knight, so women admire him and adore him.

Passionate and assertive, if it comes to intimacy. But before falling in love with him, a woman needs to reincarnate into a cunning but wise fox. A man with an ascendant in Aries loves hunting, therefore, too easy prey is not for him. Enthusiast in life, who always has a lot of plans for the future. Especially if it is associated with his chosen one. He will not dissemble and remain silent if he wants to meet, or have sex with a woman. He is not shocked by the one who will give him a scene of jealousy, or in a rage he will break a couple of plates against the wall, proving his rightness.