Capricorn 14 december horoscope 2019

With regards to life in general, today doesn't carry the best auspices. Love: Close. With regards to love, today carries great auspices. Money: Close. With regards to money aspects, today carries average auspices. Health: Close. With regards to health aspects, today carries excellent auspices. Do's for Capricorn October 9 Don'ts for Capricorn October 9 The moon enters Capricorn, encouraging you to get plenty of rest. Big drama arrives in your love life and social circle today as the sun opposes Pluto.

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The pressure has been building and a major release takes place this week. The moon enters Capricorn, asking you to get real about some of your friendships.

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Cancer season finds you in a cozy mood—but the pressure is on today as the sun opposes Pluto. Bring in a third party if you find yourself in a power struggle with an authority figure. The moon enters Capricorn, asking you to be your most mature self. You have no time for a power struggle, but here you are, possibly finding yourself in the middle of one! Check your ego as the sun opposes Pluto and stay cool during tense communications today.

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Secrets are revealed. The moon enters Capricorn, asking you to look at the big picture.

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Money: On one hand, you can't take it with you when you die, and on the other, you sort of can't live without it. Even if you're a totally kept twin, cash is just part of the world we're living in, and today, an ego clash arrives in your finances or security. Choose your battles wisely. The moon enters Capricorn, asking you to release grudges and old emotional baggage. What's in the stars for you in July? Read your monthly horoscope here.

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