3 february astrology sign

You are persistent, but not devoted; your key word is freedom, and after that you follow friendship, equality, understanding, humanism and social engagement. Often you are characterized as an eccentric, unusual, advanced, ahead of your time, original and selfless. You come into conflict with your environment, but it means very little to you what someone will say. You imagine yourself as a citizen of the world, who removes himself for the old, in order to create a place for something completely new. In order to succeed you need to acquire some skills to help others. Still, you are unpredictable and kind in a unique way.

Consciously and willingly, you contribute to humanity through what you do. What you do best is psychology, electronics, science and research. These people are truly genial scholars who change the future of humanity. In non-harmonic aspects, this Sun is likely to exhibit negative traits: sensuality, irresponsibility, unreliability, intolerance, impracticability, nerve weakness.

Bohemians, wanderers, gamblers, puzzles, anarchists, rebels, revolutionaries are also words that describe someone born on February 3rd.

February 3 Zodiac is Aquarius - Full Horoscope Personality

It is interesting, but also sad that from this kind of Aquarius people, the extremists are most easily recruited for voluntary victims. Hypocrisy, irresponsibility, unreliability, intolerance, impracticality, irritation are some of the negative traits that might put people off and make them think you are not a positive person to be around with. From this kind of Aquarius, the most easily recruited extremists for voluntary victims, frustrated believers, fanatics, because they think they are above the rest of the world.

There is no extravagance, they are inconceivable, and they do not stand out from the crowd. Usually higher than others and often look very grotesque. They love dressing unusually, especially women. Those who are under the influence of Saturn love dressing like their grandmothers, antique, while those with whom Uranus is emphasized adore artificial materials, unusual creations, shapes and geometric figures. You are magnetically attractive and you send signals, indicating that you are cold-blooded and distant, and that you do not want others to get too close to you.

This immediate reaction stops only when people break through your sensitive and cold barrier. You can control the flow of your emotions, especially when someone needs help. You are then right at hand and want to do as much as possible.

Love Compatibility

The unpredictability of someone born on February 3rd is obvious when you enter their life and this can cause controversy. Your reactions are totally strange and unexpected. Those who are born on February 3 rd are most compatible with people born under the Zodiac sign of Libra and Gemini.

These people suit them because they are also ruled by the Air element and they are after the same things. They all enjoy communicative people, those who have great communicative skills and people who are intelligent. You take sudden action without thinking, even though it is inconsistent with your personality.

Later, when you have thoughts about it, you have trouble trying to explain to yourself why you have done something. Your romantic life also includes glamour. You are constrained to show emotions, especially in love. You are genuine and often radiate genius. Suddenly great ideas can come to the surface and be realized. You are unpredictable if you have stubbornness in your positions and aspects of other planets. The tension is also a real problem, as shown by the influence of Uranus on your sign.

Love and Compatibility for February 3 Zodiac

Humane qualities of Aquarius, associated with kindness, greatly contribute to getting the maximum positive features from themselves. People they are least compatible with are the ones who are born under the sign of Scorpio. Person born on the February 3 rd is most compatible with those who are born on the 15 th , 18 th , 6 th , 9 th , 27 th and 24 th. You think quickly and you have original ideas. You have an intellectual approach to ideas and are energetic in communicating with others.

Daily Horoscope February 3, 2019 for Zodiac Signs

You can be stubborn and somewhat hysterical when you are stressed. Consistency in habits should be developed in you, in order to have better results. You are very friendly and quick to solve problems, because you like to help others.

Unusual studies or specific hobbies are something you enjoy. You are always interested in the future and all the methods you apply are directed towards the future.

You are a very humane person who can make money just as easily. You cannot tolerate injustice and you always notice that around you.


February 3 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

You have a burning desire to be an individual, and this desire is something that leads you through life and motivates you to do better. February 3rd speaks of one's ability to connect the genuine truth with their heart, and instead of running away from problems at hand, face them head on. The search for balance between emotions and reason is a mission to embark on.

The mirror of truth that others see in hearts of those born on this date, won't ever settle for dishonesty and delusion. The story of those born on February 3rd revolves around their search for home and a place they belong in, and this inner need to feel at peace and in touch with their truth will often make them travelers and researchers of all sorts. When we combine this fact with the fact that they are enriched with powerful curiosity, we will see that they have a hard time finding the state of balance and staying in one place for too long.

They will either hide from their feelings, or get carried away by them, and the only thing that can keep them on track and moving in one direction is a strong sense of purpose shining in their emotional world. The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 3rd of a leap year and two years preceding it:. The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 3rd of a year following a leap year:.

These symbols seemingly speak of entirely different things, but in fact, they are leading to one another. Only after a person has been through a dark tunnel and resurfaced where light is found, will they find someone to mirror them and show them why some romances and relationships never worked out. This is a loud date, for neither a train nor those singing birds are quiet and reserved, and you will see that expression pours out of those born at this time, either as a working puff or as a love song that the world needs to hear without any taboos or limitations. A person born on February 3rd has incredible ideas and need to learn how to express them in the right way, soothing to their heart and in sync with their emotional preparedness.

It is their purpose to show what they know, be practical and express how they feel, through any form of speech, writing, or drawing. They have something to say, and whether it is one piece of information that needs to be repeated to a mass of people, or a bunch of different facts that only one person has to learn, their messages will be delivered in this lifetime. Every inhibition standing in the way of positive self-expression can make them feel depressed and as if the world they live in is a hopeless place.

Love life of those born on the 3rd of February can be quite an adventure.

February 3rd Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Their emotions move with the tides and their relationships have purpose and meaning, for however long they might last. They aren't the most stable of partners and might choose to be in parallel relationships, or live in a conviction that love should be free of prejudice and free of monogamy. Still, the idealist they carry within won't let them rest until they find a rush of love for one person that will put all others to shade.

The story of Moon and Jupiter always speaks of grand emotions, healing and feelings of true love, and we will see that these individuals have a need to give all they own to others, sharing their compassion and love with those their heart chooses. They will mend their own wounds by helping partners in trouble, in need of their generosity, a kind word, or protection.

The best way for them to heal their deeply emotional world is to help others heal theirs. They are teachers and speakers with the ability to bring any subject directly into the mind of their students, to be understood and stay there for as long as necessary. They will be excellent educators, and find joy in speech, problem solving, and helping those in need.

We will find a person born on this date to be known for sharing what they own with the world, for their convictions lead them only in the direction — the direction of equality and basic humanitarianism.