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With us being older now could this be a good thing or a bad thing? What does the charts say about us!? You have a child together so he will always be there which does not mean you have to be with him, to be with him. Other signs may have intense sexual passion but no emotional, or emotional but no sexual, or I may find partners who are either too needy for me to handle or I become needy out of insecurity scorpions like to be reminded they are loved this is true for me so with another Scorpio, it just is the right blend. We have minor issues and they rarely ever come up.

We are strong and supportive of eachothers ambitions. Both goofy, sensitive, ridiculously goal driven but love sentimental time reassuring eachother and snacking and cuddling hilarious we have onesies. We sound needy but we also have such independence with work and work so hard.

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We do honestly I think take pride at how commited we are to each other and we are both ridiculously goofy. We are loyalt to one another. We are sensitive and guiding with one another. I think Scorpio and Scorpio bond can be very strong when both are able to cool any heat and be open, listen and love. I also think we will make great parents one day when we are ready because we are both so excited about life and supportive of anything and everything that a child could want to be passionate about! At the end of the day they would always make up and live a loving life together.

As for being the child of two Scorpios, sure they provided me everything I wanted to learn and what they want me to learn but it was always on their terms. It caused a lot of emotional and mental instability and years of therapy has yet to fix. For the Scorpios loving Scorpios, please love your children unconditionally and allow them to grow with your guidance in a nurturing environment in their own way and live the lives they so choose.

Just only now catching up on these Comments!! Love to connect with you Sarah as ive never met another sister with the same birthday. How can I possibly love again?? So soon?? Ever at all?? The guilt and confliction i feel is pulling me so hard in all directions. My worst nightmare and the reality of being the man i feel so much for.

Scorpio Woman

I have fallen head over heels for a Scorpio who started very passionately with me, and then returned home and became distant. December 2nd I met a scorpio man. We share the same birthday, even the same year. We talked for hours about our lives and struggles. How you all get Scorpios? I had like just one ex and he was not an evolved one, so dying to get an evolved Scorpio in my life like crazy.

No one can get us like Scorpios do.. I just read your piece and I was wondering how this scheme may interact with rising signs. Does this amplify the type of intensity you depict here? Hi, Im a Scorpio born on November 3rd, He was born on November 12th , Can you tell me if we fit? I am scorpio man and have had two two marriages with Sagittarius women incidentally both lawyers — uff these MOODS needed a LOT of patience and understanding from my side, and at some point I gave up explaining myself because I felt there was no serious interaction possible any more!

Now I have found a Scorpio girl 23 years younger than me! We have very different backgrounds, come from different cultures and also social classes! We talk all night, having sex all hours. These sleepless nights did not stop over the last months. I love the way she thinks, she is direct to the extent of hurtful.

I am experienced in relationships with expressive women and I know when to exercise patience with some radical words and behavior. After all, a look into her eyes clears up a lot of the spite in her words, often her radical words and her feelings are quiet different! And I can see it in her eyes, feel it in her touch. I love the intensity of that girl!

But I am sure that I would have not managed this relationship when I was younger, I would have reacted too sensitive and would not have had enough patience with her. Learning to be patient with a woman was probably the most difficult thing over the last 25 years of my love life! But it is worth it! Only when you forgive and are kind, you can really conquer the heart of a woman! Now this is the first relationship of this kind for me, I had younger women as partners but never more then years.

A quarter of a century is actually a different generation. But it works! She appreciates my experience, being settled as man in my life, and the patience and understanding I have for her fears or anxieties. I love her youthful power and her intensity! Her intelligent way of understanding a world that she knows much less than I do.

I know I have to be forgiving with my lovely scorpio girl, she sometimes tries to test my love and commitment to her. But I trust her! Now wish me luck that this wonderful, sexually and mentally so powerful relation will hold! We are just in the sixth months of it! And just to clarify: she is 29, so an age difference of 23 years between an adult woman and and adult man! When we met there was no doubt there was a magnetic connection there. But, he was a person who I am no longer friends with boyfriend.

After they broke up we got in touch and we gave it try as we were attracted to each other.

Scorpio Man Characteristics

Great connection, bond, friendship, and the sex drive was crazy. As far as the relationship aspect for me being a Scorpio woman it was hard to get over the fact that he defended his previous relationship ex over me. I dont think he was ready for me or us. This happened about one year ago and now he is back and wants to make his girlfriend again, he says he needs to take action even if he ends up being rejected. I still have feelings for him, I am attracted to him, the problem is the history we have. Also, its hard for me to fully trust him and what he said about really wanting me back in his life.

We talk about how intense our connection was and the impact I had in his life in a good way and how grateful I was for him being there when I needed him. For now Im taking it slow and easy I do have hopes of it working out in the near future. Im just not sure what to do. Any advice? We have been together for a little over two years and it has been a rocky road. I always seem to be the one that caves in. I am a scorpio female born on 28 Oct and my love who is a scorpio man was born on 3 Nov We talk several times a day and understand each other well both feel we are twinning at times from past 2 months.

Sometimes both wake up in the middle of sleep and message each other and find the other one is also awake at the same time and keep chatting. We share everything and make time for each other even when we are busy. We both never experienced this earlier once we sleep. Me and my boyfriend are both Scorpios born 1 day and 1year apart. When we started he was very much a Scorpio like me I felt that we where very similar but in good similarities. Should I give up on having a forever relationship with him. Its hard to take any of what he says to consideration as the truth.

Truthfully I just wanna trust my intuition of him cause I swear I see a liar but we have a child involved and if he has the capability to be better than I wanna be better at my mental thought process of listening and doubting or am I waisting time. Theres surely something in his eyes that sets me on fire! My partner and I both got out of relationships. He got out of a very serious one and I got out of a relationship that was just not working out for me.

We met when we were teenagers and have been best friends ever since. What can you tell me about us? His birthday is November 7 and mines is November 12 He was born November 13th and I was born October 25th. Almost every single day. Being away literally feels unnatural. In my head, he will never ever ever leave. But I want to care, I want to get jealous over him. We both are losing senses of idenities I feel like and I feel lost in that aspect.

When none of those things are happening, it seems to be good. Let me know if you guys have any comments! This is so great to read! We seem to be on the heaven side of things despite our intensity. Thank you in advance! ScorpioMystique Where Scorpios come to soar. Description Reviews 0 Description. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rated 4. And are both Scorpio. My phone is almost broken. This one over here!!!!!! Not going to work, she will treat you like a baby. She will always be in control.

It's not an exaggeration to say a Scorpio holds another Scorpio's life in its hands. The love is total and entrenched, and the rest of the emotional spectrum is just as enveloping. Little arguments can spiral out of control, soon becoming tempestuous. Friends fear for them in fight mode, but they often find it cathartic, or even a turn-on.

Only when the basic commitment is threatened do things go wrong. A Scorpio couple can be generous and very welcoming, not arguing until disturbing issues appear. There can be intense issues of feeling trapped, of being in a dark world devoid of color. Scorpio couples love in the shadow world, as well as the light. Perhaps this brings more risks, of being in the underworld together. Scorpios in this way are very shamanic, which has dangers because real shamans know how to kill as well as heal. A base of trust and commitment to move through life, whatever it brings, will be severely tested.

A Scorpio is used to extremes and even drawn to them. Much will depend on timing maturity and self-awareness for the Scorpio-Scorpio pair to move through many seasons of life. Scorpios are naturally jealous and sometimes paranoid and need the mutual reassurance of monogamy. Betrayal of any kind is the death knell for the Scorpio couple, and the demise is often a long, drawn-out, embittering affair.

It may be hard to separate, keeping them locked in and fighting as exes. There's a strange hold, and cord-cutting ceremonies—visualizing the ties being severed—might do the trick. Another scenario is they keep going on and on in a relationship that's making them miserable. Having merged on every level, it's hard to say goodbye. It's difficult for Scorpios to forgive and forget, too. Scorpio lovers require a lot of patience and understanding from their partner. They rarely give the amount of patience they demand a partner gives to them.

The sex between two Scorpios is heavenly. But, the animosity arising from intense jealousy can feel more like hell. Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility is exceptional if this duo plays fair.

They bond well on an intellectual level. Both parties find it easy to talk to one another, but they are still prone to secrecy. They need their secrecy to feel secure. No one understands that truth better than another Scorpio personality. Scorpios are on the moody side. When they are going through extreme mood swings, they understand what they need. But, one Scorpio can serve as an anchor for another. But, problems will arise if they are both in a down mood at the same time. The depression they feel can turn into a vicious circle.

It extends the mood swing beyond its normal period and their emotional suffering. Scorpios find each other easy to relate to when they share their feelings with one another. They have a psychic connection. A glance from across the room or a certain way of smiling says everything they need to say. If this pairing ever mistrusts one another, all hell breaks loose. The communication between them will take one of two turns. They will either stop speaking to each other or torment each other. The torture begins with hurtful words and sentiments. Since they know each other so well, they know what hurts the most.

Arguments can be quiet or downright hellish. If the Scorpio and Scorpio relationship results in marriage, these two settle down. When they have kids, they always come first as do all their day-to-day responsibilities. Being exhausted from taking care of chores and kids limits the time they spend together. If no children are involved, this relationship might slip into the parent-child dynamic.

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Scorpio Man Scorpio Woman Compatibility

When this happens, one party is doing all the nurturing. The other ends up taking the nurturing partner for granted. The only way out of this rut is for the two lovers to restore the balance. They must show affection and caring for one another again. If the cooldown lasts too long, one or both Scorpios are more likely to stray. Two Scorpios communicate best through sexual relations.

Even though they discuss emotions, they never share everything with one another. They hold back, in part, due to their nature, and because there is an everlasting level of mistrust. Scorpios have a great deal of difficulty trusting one another. Familiarity breeds contempt. At the same time, they really know nothing at all. Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility, in part, depends on a balance in polarities. All signs correspond with one of two polarities.

The energetic forces are Yin and Yang. Yin is passive, sensitive, and open. Yang is assertive and action-oriented. These forces are complementary. Scorpio corresponds with Yin. Sharing a Yin force makes both partners sensitive, intuitive, and open to one another. If polarities polarize, it results in an imbalance. The result is inescapable mood swings feeding into one another and resentment.

Yin imbalances can make both Scorpios causalities of an emotional war. They start fighting all the time and say things they can never take back. Embracing Yang energies will help improve the relationship. It will also help in avoiding codependency on one another. Both Scorpios need to be more action-oriented and direct, especially when expressing emotions. The distance between signs on the zodiac wheel is a measurement. The figure is something one uses to determine compatibility. Scorpios are the same sign, so there is no distance between them.

With Scorpio and Scorpio love match the measurement forms a conjunct aspect.

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A conjunct aspect means this relationship serves as a mirror. If one Scorpio is comfortable with themselves, then they are comfortable with another. This relationship is stronger if both parties embrace themselves for who they are. They reflect back at one another similar attributes and behaviors. Achieving self-acceptance means this duo manages to accept one another with greater ease. Both parties need freedom and room for growth to keep the relationship healthy. Jealousy is an emotion Scorpios are all too familiar with.

Without some distance between them, the romance and spice turn to excess comfort.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

The couple takes one another for granted.