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Facts 34 : A Sagittarius likes alone time. Facts 35 : Their fire can warm your soul, ignite passion, or torch everything in its path.

ASTROGRAPH - Sagittarius in Astrology

Facts 37 : Caring too much is the one thing a Sagittarius battles with all the damn time. Facts 38 : The Sagittarius may be procrastinators but do their best work under pressure. Facts 39 : A Sagittarius will give awesome advice but will rarely follow it themselves. Facts 42 : Sagittarius are very conscious of the company they keep, referring only to be with people who are trustworthy and like minded. Facts 44 : Three things Sagittarius are good at: — trying to remain positive even in bad situations — getting their point across — mixing sarcasm with a little humor. Facts 47 : Leave it to Sagittarius to find out whatever it is they want to know.

They are truth seekers and will find out the real deal by any means. Facts 49 : Biggest Fear: Being stuck in the same boring routine for the rest of their lives.

Sagittarius Love and Sex

Facts 51 : Sagittarius are sometimes the last people to fall asleep as their thoughts often keep them awake. Facts 53 : As a sagittarius your sign is perhaps the most honest, straightforward and open sign of the zodiac. Facts 55 : What people fail to see is that a Sagittarius can be really observant. Facts 56 : Sagittarius will always have a mask on covering their true emotions. Facts 57 : Sagittarius will do what needs to be done for themselves and the people they care about.

Facts 58 : A lot of times a Sagittarius let things fall into place and believe if something is meant to be then it is meant to be. Facts 59 : Sagittarius are always wise enough to figure out the true intentions of the people they encountered. Facts 60 : Sagittarians are very keen on body language and a persons tone of voice. This tells them everything they need to know about how to deal with you. Facts 62 : The Sagittarius needs space from friends, family, and romantic partners sometimes.

They like their alone time. Facts 63 : With Sagittarius, what you see is what you get, there is no faking anything. Facts 64 : Sagittarius are flirty but picky so consider yourself lucky if they diagnose you. Facts 68 : A Sagittarius is that one friend that can be all philosophical one moment, and cracking jokes the next. Facts 69 : You have to be really worth it for a Sagittarius to settle down and open themselves up emotionally.

Facts 70 : Once Sagittarius have feelings for someone, those feelings will always be there. Facts 73 : Sagittarius has their views and they stick to them. Facts 75 : A Sagittarius is often guilty of holding in their problems very well until they finally explode in a fit of intense anger. Facts 76 : Sagittarius never cry over one little thing.

Facts 80 : Will never let your opinions stop them from being who they are.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Traits

Sagittarians are not ass kissers. Thank for reading! You are looking for Gemini information? You're flirting a Gemini. I stand awed. Also a little Scared because I might start believing this stuff! I born in 6 december and all of them are very true about me. I like to talk with all people but not to close them , just to know them. If Sagittarius is true to any cause their arrow never misses bullseye. We love to be challenged and to engage in challenge period often in multiple arenas in life.

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And as detail oriented as we are nearly to an autistic level comprehension to understand comes easy and stands the test of eras because we will come back from the dead arising from the grave just to tell you so. We eat breathe and sleep being ready and its a sure bet others will not be, maybe an Aries or Libra other than this you wont be as prepared as you thought and rally with us.

If you cross us seriously it is now death match and we will ruin you to fine dust. Do not cross us we avenge with a righteous fire to the 12th degree on a cosmic level supernova so thats your only warning. We will please in bed multiple times no problem stamina is something others have to muster we are energetic by undying fire and neverending passion all night long and then some.

We say and seek truth above all else and eliminate anything that is not. Curiousity is an asset and liability but if trouble stirs from being honestly curious we can handle it with respect politeness, or join the private party because we bring things to the table like sex toys drinking games comedy and blunt honesty wit and charm. Oh youll let us in we will ghost all walls with zero effort and assume we belong which we do and you believe it which is why youll ask who is this and why am I loving this person so much?

Because we charmed you, seduction has not yet begun, and we will utilize if necessary but not to get laid, that comes to us no matter what because were hot and youll love fucking us so much ex lovers come back for love due to the pure direction we insert by until you roll eyes to white again and again no walking for you and youll love that too. We are sayers before we think sometimes whole foot goes in mouth and well insist we meant to do that. Convincing its needed will challenge philosophical discussing and we will likely win talking you out of it and letting go, we heal naturally so party on other star signs we got all of yall gnarly asses 6.

I love me, and everyone else too, please comment so I can tell you to piss off or say cool your on point. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Facts 6 : Sagittarius are quite clever in getting what they want.

Facts 17 : Sagittarius have strength of character and will stand up for what they believe in Facts 18 : You get two types of Sagittarius: The one that wants to do their own thing, and the type that never wants to leave your side. Facts 24 : Sagittarius are future thinkers and always tend to worry. Facts 33 : Sagittarius have a well developed sense of humor. Facts 44 : Three things Sagittarius are good at: — trying to remain positive even in bad situations — getting their point across — mixing sarcasm with a little humor Facts 45 : They are the soldiers of the zodiac and dislike appearing weak.

Facts 50 : Sagittarius gets irritated easily… by stupidity. The zodiac sign Sagittarius is associated with the Archer, and its glyph represents an arrow. Always eager to explore new horizons, the Archer sets its sights on a faraway target, then shoots toward it with precision. This focus on learning more, doing more, and seeing more is what Sagittarius is all about. Larger-than-life Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the king of the gods, the biggest and the best.

As the 9th sign in the zodiac, Sagittarius rules over the 9th House of Expansion. This house reveals how open our minds are, and how much we expand ourselves through education, exploration, and life lessons. The zodiac sign Sagittarius is a Fire sign that lights up our lives with profound questions and exciting ideas. Just like an uncontrollable wildfire, this sign will happily go where the wind takes them to seek new experiences.

Sagittarius uses its Fire energy on its lifelong journey of exploration, always ready to jump at the next adventure. Rich and luscious purple is the color of Sagittarius! As the last sign of autumn, Sagittarius helps us celebrate one last hoorah as fall comes to a close and the season of hibernation begins. Sagittarius, with a love for variety and change, uses its Mutable energy to shake the fiery radiance off the leaves and allow them to fall.

As winter approaches, this Fire sign keeps us going by fueling our desire for adventure and fun, and helps us remain optimistic that light and warmth will return again.