Scorpio weekly horoscope 18 december

The answer may well be staring you right in the face!

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Work will probably bring you a great deal of satisfaction. The whole point about the current period is the deep desire for greater fulfilment and a more intense sense of personal meaning. There is still so much emphasis on business involvements that you may be all hyped-up.

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At the very heart of the matter lies an urge for material security that may actually smother lesser motivations. In other words, you might get financial needs tangled-up with emotional desires. Refuse to be drawn over family matters, because whatever you say or do now, circumstances will soon change. In fact, within a month you may have completely altered some of your deeply-held ideas.

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And, as your opinions change, so will your behaviour — and so will your future. We will all be better off if you take an optimistic course and turn away from petty problems.

After all, you really do have so much to give to the world. This is one of those days when you could be waiting for something to happen. And try and make some time for social relaxation. Although the heavens are being remarkably good to you, I have no doubt that you feel rather undermined. Capricorn Magic Horoscope added a new photo - Capricorn.

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