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Leo wants creative freedom, while Capricorn wants security and stability.

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The combination of the both will result in a good friendship. Both love comfort and luxury in their life. Therefore, both seem not afraid to work hard to complete their goals. Leo is like an explosive compared to Capricorn who is more classic and simple. Both Leo and Capricorn are very determined. Leo and Capricorn love possession and social status.

Leo tends to be more flamboyant while Capricorn has a more classic and simplistic impression. Both signs are very determined. At the same time both signs appear careful and cautious. Together they have to understand the nature of their motivations, if they want to remain in track. Both are ambitious and tend to persevere in their work to achieve their goals. If they have projects, both will commit themselves to the end. Capricorn logically lives life, instead of Leo who loves to give a jolt to things and surprises.

Leo and Capricorn should start to understand the importance of their friendship. Both have to start helping each other to maintain a good friendship. The best aspect of Leo and Capricorn friendship is their devotion to achieve their projects. Both signs have strong personalities and are happy to work together. Leo Parents Behavior They are somehow strict and tend to have a set of rules…. Search for:. What Does Each One Desires?

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To some, this is considered to be a period of enlightenment in one way or another. It is a signal to pay attention, to manifest positive occurrences in our lives, and build new beginnings out of our thoughts and dreams. This is how the number from a numerology perspective can change your entire year. Your life even! You change your perspective.

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We call this awakening. As you begin to awaken, you realize your inner potential, as well as the personal energy and ability you have to make positive changes in the world around you. The significance that the number sequence has in our lives is great, and there is really no wrong answer to exactly what it means, as long as you acknowledge that it means something.

It is not as simple as say, a genie in a bottle. This type of wishing is more for your life and the changes you want to make happen. If you have a tough situation in your life you are struggling with and you genuinely want and need to change it to something positive, there is certainly no harm in making a wish that things will improve. It is imperative to your results that you do your part. In a karmic sense, you must be a good person, and the intentions you have in making your wishes must be pure. It simply does not work that way.

Numerological Meaning of 11:11

What it allows you to do is change your life, improve upon it, and make the necessary changes to make your life what it should be. We make our own reality, we form our own destiny by our thoughts and actions, and we all have the ability to make things happen that will change things for the better in our day to day lives. Nothing is a coincidence. We are in an 11 year right now. Use energy to change your year. The tasks than can be handled by others must be delegated. You want to reach the finish line without breaking your back.


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Mindful activities are a good way to break the monotony. A walk in the park, for instance, will help you ground your energy and uplift your spirits. Stagnation is not a word one would associate with you. You are standing at a crossroads, Sagittarius. Taking the path less trodden is a good way to allow yourself to be transformed. The self-negating patterns are now loosening their grip. If you have been resisting team work, you will reach a point in your journey where you have to take others with you. The so-called powerplayers have you fooled. Resisting it will feel a lot like rowing upstream without a paddle—impossible and exhausting all the same.

PS: Trust that the lightning will destroy that which has served its purpose in your existence. Can you be any more in love than you already are?

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That smile on your face tells us everything we need to know. Maintaining a life outside of your marriage or relationship is key to finding balance and harmony. Feeling a connection with somebody brand new? Be open to where fate leads you to. Aries Horoscope Today: October 1, Cosmic tip: Embrace the change.

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