Solar eclipse january 3 2020 astrology

Full Moons or Lunar Eclipses are often about completion or achievement.

SOLAR ECLIPSE – 2 JULY 12222: The Past Is A Strange Place

This Lunar Eclipse may represent the end of a chapter or project which began in January , during the last set of eclipses. Sometimes, one person wins and another person loses. The aim is to be on the winning team. You may be acutely aware of the passing of time, your mortality, of endings and beginnings. The ties of ancestry and legacy can be clearly seen. They tend to be about external events too, where you have to let go of control.

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This is why they are considered game-changers as they move the goalposts of life. Fundamentally, eclipses are neither positive nor negative. This is because communication planet, Mercury, is also retrograde, i.

2020 Eclipse Charts

This eclipse pulls in the planet linked to endings and transformation, Pluto. Pluto is at 21 Capricorn 50 and next to the Moon at 24 Capricorn This means that this eclipse is a powerful symbol of an ending, a door closing. Sometimes, you have to sweep out the old in order to allow fresh energy to come in. Saturn is the ruler of this Capricorn eclipse.

Significance of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction ~ Podcast

During the eclipse period, Saturn opposes Venus in Cancer, the planet of love and relating. This emphasises the importance of relationships during this eclipse.

Notice where your commitments lie, which relationships are strong and where endings may be taking place. We often think of Capricorn as the star sign linked to work and ambition. This is true because of the symbol of the mountain goat, doggedly climbing upwards. Capricorns work best when they have a long-term goal to work towards. This is why Capricorn is thought of as the shaman with a strong link to emotional and instinctual depths.


Therefore, take time during the eclipse period to be quiet and still. Go and sit on top of the mountain, enjoy the views, turn inwards and meditate.

Astrological Significance of the Eclipses

You may find it useful to read the article I wrote two weeks ago during the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. I shall leave you with a poem written by a wonderful client of mine, Lesley. It has an eclipse theme as both the Sun masculine and the Moon feminine are integral parts of eclipses. The two in unison, yet separate:. About Jupiter in Capricorn Jupiter in Capricorn reflects intensely strong ambitions, leadership, and drive for economic growth and power. In its destructive aspects, it can inflate self-righteousness and engender rigid ideologies and prejudice that risk escalating into the manipulation of religious ideas for political motives.

Astrology Predictions | Vedic Predictions | G Singh

A worst-case example is Adolph Hitler born with Jupiter in Capricorn on his South Node, reflecting his tenacious drive for political power and destructive ideologies rooted in prejudice and dogma. And yet, Disney was also known for fervent political ideologies and fervent right wing, anti-communist beliefs. Positively, Jupiter in Capricorn can reflect the need to restore integrity and ethical standards to confront the abuse of power and greed, or abuse of ideologies. Chart 3 — The Federal Reserve chart with a dramatic Jupiter return.

Chart 1 — Jupiter and Pluto Conjunction — April About Jupiter in Capricorn Jupiter in Capricorn reflects intensely strong ambitions, leadership, and drive for economic growth and power.

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